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We're currently raising funds for Cicero Police Officer and Marine veteran Rick Sanchez. Officer Sanchez was hit by a motorist under the influence of drugs while on duty. Officer Sanchez responded to a call and while in his vehicle, he was struck, the vehicle was engulfed in flames. The same people he had pulled over were the same people that pulled him out his burning vehicle. They essentially saved his life, but, the injuries are so severe that he sustained brain damage. As you can imagine, his bills are piling up and has 4 children and a wife that rely on his income. At Nine Line Warriors, we are doing everything we can to help but we need the public's help. He served our country as a Marine, and currently as a Cicero Police officer and now it's time we give back and help him in his time of need!

WGN NEWS Interview With Officer Rick Sanchez.

Story aired December 5, 2017